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Inside Vancouver’s Food Truck Business

Anyone who tells you they’re making money in this weather is full of shit,” Jason Apple

San Fran, CA: Food Trucks Under Fire

Do food trucks have an unfair advantage?

Proposed Mobile Kitchen In Signal Mountain Nixed After Restaurant Owners Join To Oppose It

‘Are we going to have a cotton candy stand next?’ . . . The community doesn’t want it.”

Raleigh Will ALLOW Food Trucks

John Odom voted against the change.

Are Food Trucks Missing The Point?

Although the mobile food trend is a great concept, South Florida's scene needs to work out a few kinks.

Mobile Kitchens Become Driving Force in Tampa [video]

"It's changing a lot from the standard hot dogs and hamburgers," said Tim Carver.

Seattle: Food-Truck Plan Heading to City Council

A proposal intended to expand street-food options in Seattle is expected to come before the City Council on Monday.

Jersey City, NJ: Should Municipalities Limit the Number of Portable Food Vendor Licences they...

Jersey City says there are too many portable food vendor licenses and former health inspector Joseph Castagna has been charged with issuing them and the pocketing the money.

Can Restaurants Share Chicago With Food Trucks?

Commuters who appreciate fine food at a budget-cost were in luck on Tuesday night at the Red Line Fullerton stop.

Make Money on the Move with Mobile Catering Trucks

The mobile catering business is a vastly growing industry every year and a great way to become a part of it is by working with mobile catering trucks.