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Milwaukee, WI: Simmer Truck Looks Forward to Warming Up Milwaukee this Winter

Back in June, Steve Perlstein visited Lake Effect to introduce us to The Simmer Truck. Five months later, the truck is thriving.

Philadelphia, PA: Truck Stop – Sexy Green Truck

Passionate pita: Hug me! I'm a Hummus! (with cucumber, mozzarella and vinaigrette).

Kalamazoo, MI : Immobile ‘Food Truck’ Specializing in paninis headed to downtown Kalamazoo

By John Liberty | MLive.com KALAMAZOO, MI -- An immobile "food truck" serving paninis, soups and salads is expected to open next month in downtown Kalamazoo. The...

San Mateo, CA: Following Food on the GO

Patrons at a truck want food quickly while those going to a restaurant often want to linger and chat.

Keep on Truckin’ with 3 Trendy Mobile Meal Makers

Wonder Bread sandwiches, bagged chips, and sugary drinks have been supplanted by the trendy gourmet mobile food trucks that tool around town and turn up at farmers markets and like venues. Here are a few for citywide meals-a-go-go.

Italian Gourmet Lunch Wagon in La Jolla 2 Days a Week

“I always wanted a restaurant but I can’t afford it. Now I can say the economy put me on the street — it really did,” quipped Pavlinovic.

Boca Raton: ‘Gourmet Food Truck Expo’ Coming to Boca

The former "hotel guy" turned West Palm Beach Internet marketer turned food truck aficionado has come up with an event he hopes will show Miami's hot-shot food truckers that there's a market for their gourmet on wheels cuisine up here, and maybe even spur a few locals to join in.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About White Plains’ Leslie Lampert

In seven short years, Leslie Lampert has gone from dumped wife with a teetering financial outlook to queen of a soup-based restaurant empire.