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What Will Eminem Be Eating at Bonnaroo?

This new food zone is the parking spot for a dozen food trucks from around the country.

South Africa: Extending the Tastic Brand Through Mobile Kitchens

As part of its three-year campaign to penetrate this market in terms of product development and other branded products, a Tastic mobile kitchen has been set up in Soweto to increase the experience and consumer reach.

Fairfield, CT: Area Restaurants Take the Show on the Road

Putting a hot dog truck on the road for catering events started out "just for fun," said John Pelligrino, co-owner of Super Duper Weenie in Fairfield.

Trendspotting 101: Anatomy of a Williamsburg Trend Story

The basis of the story is this: a falafel truck has set up shop on Bedford Ave, where it's competing with the popular Oasis falafel restaurant, also on Bedford Ave.

Fullerton, CA: Library Program to Focus on Latino Food

The inaugural "(Mini) Lonchera Clustertruck" will feature discussions about Latino food, coupled with visits by four gourmet food trucks that specialize in Spanish, Mexican, Argentine and Latin/Asian fusion dishes.

Dallas: Update on Food Trucks – Add Three, Subtract One

Henry Hester of Messy Cheesy Food Truck calls it quits.

What Would You Name Your Food Truck?

The current food truck craze makes me wonder what we would have named our truck had we followed through on the concept.

Seattle: Gourmet Food Trucks Invade Capitol Hill

Judging by the number of people sitting on nearby curbs as they devoured hamburgers, asparagus risotto and sandwiches, the day was a success.

Move Over Caterers, Make Way For Food Trucks

Instead of hiring a caterer to do all the cooking for a birthday party, engagement dinner, or anniversary, many people are letting food trucks do the work.

Boston: The Roxy’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese Food Truck Mystery

Has the food truck been stolen, or is there something else going on here?