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Cincinnati: Couple Serves Mardi Gras on Wheels

New Orleans to Go, which started as a restaurant in Springdale, and is now a food truck. When they park somewhere, they turn on Louisiana music, put out some tables and chairs and might even throw out a few beads.

Hawaii “Eat the Street” Draws Thousands (video)

The result? “Eat the Street” grew to more than twice its size in only its second month, with over two dozen trucks and food vendors and drawing an estimated 3,000 people.

DC Food Truck: CapMac

The trucks in DC operate on an 'ice cream license', which I found out means they can only stop for business if there is a line.

San Fran: More JapaCurry Parking Space Drama Today

Today's Wednesday, the day JapaCurry has a permit to park on Mission at New Montgomery.

Venice ‘First Fridays’ Food Trucks Scared Off – Again – By Abbot Kinney Merchants

Only seven food trucks were brave enough to park along Abbot Kinney Boulevard last Friday evening. They had been completely in the dark - right up to the 6 p.m. start time of the monthly street party - as to whether they'd be allowed to set up shop.

Food Trucks to Gather Today on Franklin Square in D.C.

Curbside Cupcakes co-owner Kristi Whitfield and several of her fellow food truckers were mingling after one of their regular Monday meetings (you know, those gatherings where the mobile foodies fret and commiserate and devise strategies to counter those who would put them out of business).

The Best Food Truck in Sherman Oaks

This was the best meal from a food truck I had ever had. And I get around, baby. It was great.

Food Trucks Parking at Holiday Parties

Holiday parties are in high gear right now, but restaurants and catering halls are not the only businesses feeding the demand. Food trucks are getting their share of the pie as well.