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Westport, CT: Elvira’s Deli Petitions to Get Food Trucks Off the Road

Unhappy about what they consider unfair competition from food trucks, the owners of Elvira's Deli & Pizza have launched a petition calling for those vendors to be banned from its beachfront neighborhood.

Amherst, MA: Amherst to Rule on Food Trucks

An online petition has surfaced that supports the food trucks and the interests of their owners.

Stanford, CA: Another Food Truck Removed, Community Members Protest

Her food was so good, and it was so affordable, that even on days when I thought I was having a really bad day, as long as I had some of her food for lunch, I felt like it wasn’t a total loss

Wilmington, NC: Patty Food Truck

The popular food truck The Patty Wagon will serve hamburgers in downtown Wilmington again this weekend, but its fate there as well as that of other food trucks parking in Wilmington is up in the air until city ordinances change

New Orleans, LA: Dueling Petitions Address Food Truck Status

The interest in food trucks here has grown in the years since Hurricane Katrina, Head has said, prompting the need for the updated legislation

Chapel Hill, NC: CHTC Member Set To Petition For Food Truck Regulation Changes

Chapel Hill Town Council passed an ordinance allowing food trucks

Baton Rouge, LA: Online Petition Against Food Truck Regulations Picks Up Speed

Councilman R.J. "Smokie" Bourgeois is also the owner of George's restaurants... CONFLICT OF INTEREST!

Sign the Petition: Let the Food Trucks Roam Buffalo

This isn’t about poaching customers or throwing a middle finger up at existing restaurants.

Food Truck Owners Look to Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill could soon see food trucks within town limits.