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Alexandria, VA: Food Trucks Ready to Hit Alexandria Streets

The lunch choices in Alexandria are about to expand, as food trucks will soon be in select areas around the city starting this month.

Knoxville, TN: Savory & Sweet Food Truck Does Brisk Business on 1st Day Downtown

Knoxville's first downtown food truck served lunch for the first time Thursday under the city's pilot program, and business was good.

Rochester, NY: Food Truck Pilot Under Evaluation

Rochester's food truck pilot program expires at the end of the year. For the first time, food trucks were allowed to set up downtown.

Knoxville, TN: Policies for Knoxville Food Trucks Discussed

Our main concern is just that they provide a designated area so restaurants that are here 365 days a year aren't there right on top of them," West said. A certain distance where they're not just pulling in right in front of a business that's already set up there.

Toronto, CAN: Food Trucks Approved for Five Toronto Parks

Food trucks are popular in other cities, such as Vancouver and Hamilton, but have struggled to gain a footing in Toronto because of bureaucracy and opposition from other business owners. In April, 2011, the city declared its food cart pilot program a failure, and the vendors complained about restrictions on what they could sell, as well as the fact that they were forced to use city equipment. Right now, food trucks are limited in when and where they can operate, mostly as part of special events.

Lexington, KY: Lexington’s Food Truck Pilot Program Passes. Unanimously.

Lexington’s proposed food truck pilot program received an amended first and second reading at tonight’s meeting of the Lexington Urban County Council, and was passed unanimously, to applause from inside council chambers.

Lexington, KY: Food Truck Pilot Program Could See New Restrictions Added

Food truck vendors say new restrictions to the city’s proposed Food Truck Pilot Program being considered by the Lexington Parking Authority tomorrow would take some of the most profitable areas zoned for food trucks off the table.

Orlando, FL: Orlando to Limit Food Truck Operations

The pilot program will last for two years. The city said its program is less limiting than other city's like Boston and Miami, which charge higher permit fees and limit the number of food truck permits.

Rochester, NY: City Council Approves Food Truck Vendor Program

Rochester City Council Tuesday night gave its approval to a new pilot program that will allow food truck vendors to set up shop at three downtown sites starting in June.

Rochester, NY: City Council Approves Food Truck Plan

The City of Rochester has given the food trucks the green light to serve downtown. City Council voted yes to a pilot program for the business owners during its meeting at City Hall.