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Raleigh Delays Vote on Food Trucks

Food truck operators came to City Hall this afternoon expecting to celebrate. Instead, they were left with the sour taste of bureaucracy.

East Atlanta: A New Twist on an Old Favorite

They didn’t set out to run the most fabulous barbecue truck in all of Atlanta — Sweet Auburn BBQ.

Raleigh, NC: Food Truck Backers Get a Say; So Do Restaurants

With a little help from the city, Mike Stenke told Raleigh City Council members, food trucks can bring a new element to the Raleigh food scene.

Raleigh: City Plaza Turning into Food Truck Court This Summer

After months of debate of where the new 'food truck court' should be located, the City of Raleigh has decided to turn City Plaza into The Raleigh Food Truck Court for the entire Summer.

Food Trucks Bring Gourmet Food on the Move to Downtown St. Louis

The trend of gourmet food trucks is spreading from the west coast to St. Louis. Most of the food trucks in St. Louis can be found downtown, and offer a variety of cuisines including Mexican, French, American, and Italian.

Edwardsville, IL: Pi Pizza Truck Hits Bureaucratic Bump

Last Wednesday, January 19, Restaurant Pi's popular pizza truck toddled over the state line to Illinois to peddle pies in Edwardsville.

Food Trucks Lobby For Downtown Raleigh Access

Stenke’s food truck can’t be found in downtown Raleigh because the traveling businesses are not allowed to park on city streets.