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Vancouver, CAN: Vancouver Food Carts – The Reef Runner

Most Vancouverites know the best place in town to get a taste of the islands is The Reef. With popular locations on Main Street and Commercial Drive, The Reef packs them in with a laid-back vibe, great tunes and johnny cakes. Now, thanks to the wonder of the food cart, the Caribbean vibe is loose on the streets of downtown Vancouver. The Reef Runner is here and just in time for summer.

Fairmont, PA: Night Market Hits Fairmount on Thursday

In The Food Trust’s own words: “Tacos, curries, doubles, gyros, samosas, arepas, gazpacho, crepes and poutine.

Los Angeles, CA: The Seoul Sausage Co. Takes a Montreal Classic for a Ride

More K-Town than Quebec, the twice-fried fries are piled high with moist and meaty eight-hour braised short ribs. Avocado-lime crema, gooey pepper jack cheese, and kimchi pickled onions cling to the top. It drips, oozes, and gloms with sweet and sour heat

Yonkers, NY: Yonkers Food Truck’s Poutine Is A Dish Worth A U-turn

Poutine, a Canadian french-fry favorite, comes to a food truck in Yonkers

Ft. Collins, CO: New Fort Collins Food Truck Serves Up Brats, Poutine

Common-Link specializes in Belgian fries hand-cut from Kennebec potatoes, poutine, exotic sausages made from a variety of meats such as rabbit and antelope, buffalo brats, and Berkshire hot dogs from Denver-based Tender Belly.

[Food] Frysmith

I swear I thought of something like this before them

Blue Donkey Streatery, Mississauga’s New Electric Blue Greek Food Truck

Like a donkey, the truck is slow and steady yet reliable

Seattle: Check Out Skillet Diner, Opening Friday on Capitol Hill

Skillet Diner, the long-awaited stationary counterpart to the Skillet Street Food truck, opens Friday.

Seattle: Skillet Unscathed by La Nina

Obviously the downside of getting your lunch at a lunch truck in the dead of winter is that you have to either eat it in your car

U.S. Capital Hungry for Canuck Poutine

They're clamoring for that quintessential Canadian comfort food -- poutine, the Quebecois mess of french fries, cheese curds and brown gravy.