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“Burger King” Rolling 40 Food Trucks Cross-Country to Hand Out Food at Events

And at some Washington, DC, area stores, it's testing home delivery.

Boston, MA: Food Truck Lottery Fair to Some, Not to Others

“The city has been really proactive in planning the program to make it fair to everyone”

Fast Casuals, QSRs Most Likely to Run Food Trucks

Full-service operators did not believe food trucks would become more popular in future.

NYC: City Should Boot ‘Ugly’ Food Carts in Midtown, Business Group Says

The 34th Street Partnership wants the city to crack down on vendors

Food Trucks’ Rocky Roads to Success

“[The truck] garnered us a lot of press we wouldn’t have had otherwise,” said Maxey.

License Caps Send NYC Food Vendors to Black Market, Public Parks, Private Property

Municipal laws cap the number of food carts and trucks allowed to operate.

NYC: Developers Use Vacant Lots for “Neighborhood Building”

"The young people that these kinds of things attract are going to be our target group."

Tarpon Springs (FL) to Get a Taste of the Food Truck Frenzy

Many of the artisan foods are made from healthy, locally sourced foods.

Torrance, CA: Food Truck Raid Outrages Fundraisers

Police raided the gathering and issued citations to trucks

Houston, TX: H-E-B’s Montrose Market Will Have Many Firsts

H-E-B's first food truck, called Fork in the Road, will be in the parking lot Fridays through Sundays