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Jacksonville, FL: Food Truck Food Court Coming to Jacksonville

The Food Court will be near Beach Boulevard and Carmichael on the Southside. Hashem says he'd like 3-5 food trucks each weekday for lunch. For business customers, an old store on the property is being renovated to accommodate business meetings while customers enjoy their food.

Camarillo, CA: Food Truck Event to Rock, Roll at Camarillo Ranch House

The grounds of the historic Camarillo Ranch House will be the setting for Ventura County’s newest food truck event when it debuts this week.

Calgary, CAN: YYC Food Trucks

City council and administration have wisely chosen to maintain the requirement that food trucks be parked more than 25 metres away from open brick-and-mortar restaurants. Violation of this rule, and others like providing garbage bins and not interfering with sidewalk use, will result in a $300 fine to the food truck.

Sunrise, FL: Sunrise to Allow Food Trucks Starting Jan. 1

The city will allow only three food trucks to gather at the same time. And private property owners will be limited to hosting six food truck events for the year.

Henrietta, NY: The Hots for Henrietta

A proposed law would clear the way for food trucks and carts to operate on private properties with industrial or commercial zoning in the town of Henrietta.

La Jolla, CA: Food Trucks May Soon Serve Bites on Private Property

Food trucks are currently not allowed on private property unless they're at a permitted special event.

Holladay, UT: Holladay May Approve Mobile Food Sales

We looked at many cities’ ordinances, but Salt Lake City’s ordinance was a bit more in line with what we were looking for. We drafted Holladay to be a bit more pared down

Food Truck Associations – Organizing 101

We’re expanding our initiative to help fledgling food truck associations.

Shreveport, LA: It’s the Law – Operating ice cream trucks in Shreveport

Shreveport’s few ice cream trucks operate without a lot of special consideration from local government.

Ottawa, CAN: Bylaw Compromises with Food-Truck Operator on Residential Parking Spot

The proprietor of the big blue Ottawa Streat Gourmet truck, which sets up most weekdays at Queen and O’Connor streets, had been parking in his Mooney’s Bay driveway, though the truck is bigger than the city’s rules say a vehicle can be if it’s stored on a residential property.