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Houston, TX: Melty grilled cheese food truck opens first restaurant on Washington Avenue

By Eric Sandler | ABC 13 One of Houston's smash hit food trucks opened its first brick and mortar in Rice Military. Twisted...

Houston, TX: A Houston Food Truck Where Everything is Made from Skratch

The truck is the brainchild of Carlos and his partner Paul Hill. After 20-plus years in the restaurant business, the pair found themselves with a little extra time on their hands. And a truckload of ideas.

Jacksonville, FL: Jacksonville Food Truck – Backstreets Catering Food Truck

I fell in love with the rotisserie on the back of my trailer as soon as I saw it, and from that time I envisioned it as a barbeque pit. It called my name and said “you’ve got to do this!” I love grilling and smoking. I’ve always loved barbecue, and when I finished with the Tex-Mex restaurant, I found myself freed up to pursue this and other ideas.

Hanover, NH: Meals on Wheels – Tuck School Students Serve Up Food, and Lessons...

Two seniors at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth have rolled out a startup venture that is providing other students with nutritious fare along with a side of basic entrepreneurial principles.

Food Trucks’ Rocky Roads to Success

“[The truck] garnered us a lot of press we wouldn’t have had otherwise,” said Maxey.

Food Trucks vs. Brick & Mortar: Restaurants Are Up in Arms

Food trucks have become major competition for restaurants

Springfield, MO: Another Traveling Taco is Being Planned

Turnbulls hope their future, second truck will be seen near downtown.

Hartford, CT: From ‘Farm2Street,’ State Workers Discover New Food Truck

The nation’s first vegetarian, biodiesel fueled food truck from Shadle Farm in Durham

Spike on Going From Top Chef to Good Stuff

Top Chef afforded me the opportunity for everything that I have now.

Food Trucks Take Over the Streets

“The restaurant will never die. This has become an offshoot option for people to have a different level of satisfaction,” said Derek Hunt, who co-owns Cake & Shake food carts in New York City.