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Check out photos of AMERICA’S NEXT GREAT RESTAURANT “Truck Stop” Episode 6 which airs Sunday April 10 at 8pm on NBC.

Restaurant Law Blog Dishes Up Legal Advice for Colorado Restaurateurs

Messner& Reeves LLC deals with those issues on a daily basis, the Denver-based law firm is now dishing up its insight on Restaurant Law Blog, helping Colorado restaurateurs (and would-be restaurateurs).

Glendale, CA: Meet ‘n PotatoesTruck Cited

The food fight between restaurateurs and mobile gourmet trucks has picked up in recent weeks as the two industries tussle over a prime customer base — the lunch crowd.

Top 100 Restaurants (and Food Trucks) on Twitter for 2010

From well known chains, to food trucks, wine shops, specialty stores and even mom and pops; restaurants have found a great place to connect with current and future clients. Food trucks tweet their location on a daily basis. Restaurants respond to positive (and sometimes negative) reviews, mom and pops tweet special events like wine dinners.

Chicago Food Truck Debate

According to the Sun Times a group of restaurateurs is pressuring the city to keep them from being able to prepare food on board.