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Sylva, NC: Sylva to revisit food truck rules

By Holly Kays  |  Smoky Mountain News With two years elapsed since Sylva passed its first-ever food truck ordinance in July 2017, the town board...

York City, PA: Food Truck Talk Worries York City Restaurateur

There's a handful of small businesses here that are actually struggling right now. We're all hanging in, but we're struggling,

Buffalo, NY: As Permits, Restrictions are Debated, Food Trucks Wonder What Future Holds

Despite their popularity nationwide, food trucks are still relatively new to the Buffalo area, and in many communities, peddling laws written to govern door-to-door salesmen, some dating from the early 1900s, are the closest things on the books to a regulation for these mobile kitchens.

New Orleans, LA: New Food Truck Group Fights for Vendors

"We think that they'll add to the city's culinary culture."

Portland, OR: OLCC Approves Portland Food Cart Liquor Permit

"Cartlandia" owner Roger Goldingay applied for a liquor license earlier this year for a beer garden