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Roanoke, VA: Food truck rodeo set for Village Grill on May 17

That Sunday, The Village Grill will host the Star City Truck Stop, with 10 vendors and their accompanying smells wafting about the parking lot, confusing dogs and [some] people.

Roanoke, VA: Food Truck Festival hits downtown Roanoke

It was a great opportunity for many food truck vendors to introduce themselves to some new business.

Roanoke, VA: “Fork in The Road” Is Finally On The Road

It took a while to finally come together and to remodel the vehicle itself as a rolling kitchen but Dave Trinkle’s “Fork in the Road” food truck has finally joined a growing fleet that can be found outside local microbreweries, at festivals and local businesses.

Roanoke, VA: Roanoke Restaurants, Food Trucks Compete in First Big Lick Burger Fest

For this inaugural festival, local restaurants and food trucks will gather to compete in three competitions: Best Overall, Best Classic Burger and Anything But Beef.

Roanoke, VA: Noke Food Truck Moves into Downtown Roanoke

The Noke Food Truck is known for parking in different locations around the area and serving up delicious tacos and crepes.

Roanoke, VA: Save the date for the Food Truck Rodeo

Anybody who’s been keeping an eye on food news around Roanoke and the New River Valley has probably noticed that several food trucks have opened for business over the past year or two. It’s an exciting trend and I’m thrilled to see it growing here in Southwest Virginia.