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Sacramento, CA: Proposed Ordinance Would Loosen Food Truck Restrictions in Sacramento

California's food trucks have become such a staple, they're even at workplace parking l

Sacramento, CA: Sacramento City Council Could Soon Ease Food Truck Regulations

A new ordinance approved Tuesday by the Sacramento City Council’s Law and Legislation Committee could soon make it easier for food trucks to operate within city limits.

Sacramento, CA: Mobile Food Trucks – Food To Go With A Side of Sales...

Every time a mobile food truck crosses a county line or city limits, the owner has to charge the prevailing sales tax in that locale

Sacramento, CA: Coast to Coast Sandwiches Team to take over Republic’s Food Program

Drewski's was among the first of Sacramento's mobile food vendors to branch into operating a brick-and-mortar eatery, and will finish its year-and-a-half stint at Republic on Sept. 1.

Sacramento, CA: Gourmet Grub – SactoMoFo Has A Successful Day in Tahoe Park

Tahoe Park is the outermost of Sacramento’s park neighborhoods which, include Land Park, Curtis Park and Oak Park. According to event organizer Paul Somerhausen, though, it is the first city neighborhood to hold an outdoor event involving mobile restaurant service.

Sacramento, CA: A Snapshot Look into the Hottest Jobs in Sacramento

Blanton, a co-owner of the food truck, said he and the rest of the crew don't mind the high temperatures. "We're all from the Sacramento area, so we're all used to the heat,"

Sacramento, CA: Chando’s Tacos Invests in a New Food Truck

Food trucks have long been seen as a way for novices to break into the food business, but increasingly local brick-and-mortar restaurateurs are expanding into the segment as well. As I wrote earlier this month, Chris Nestor, the chef-owner behind Ink Eats & Drinks and House Kitchen & Bar, plans to launch a food truck if an arena gets built in downtown Sacramento.

Sacramento, CA: SactoMoFo 6 Feeds Local Foodies with Live Music and Food Trucks

SactoMoFo 6 was filled with numerous dishes such as Mac n’ Bac n’ Fries from BaconMania, shaved ice desserts from Hawaiian Shaved Ice or chocolate covered waffles topped with ice cream, strawberries, whipped cream and Nutella from Volkswaffle California.

Sacramento, CA: City Residents are Missing Out on Food Trucks

Ordinances have been at an absolute stand still since last September when the City of Sacramento's Law and Legislation Committee put a kibosh on those pertaining to food trucks on the street. Nevermind that a group of food truck owners, restaurant owners, and City staff had worked all summer long to come to an agreement that they were willing to abide.

Sacramento, CA: Drewski’s Hot Rod Kitchen Going Brick-and-Mortar at McClellan

The McClellan restaurant will begin serving lunch only, he said, but could expand its hours if demand warrants.