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Sacramento: Food Trucks to be Addressed Briefly at City Council

Councilman Rob Fong is expected to direct city staff to re-examine current ordinances related to mobile food vendors.

Sacramento: Loose. Foodloose.

If food is rock ‘n’ roll, then Sacramento is Beaumont, the town in "Footloose" that banned it.

Sacramento: MoFo, Revisited

C’mon guys, look at the ordinance. It’s ridiculous and unreasonable.

Sacramento, CA: 10,000 Savor Mobile Food Festival at Fremont Park

A crowd of nearly 10,000 swamped midtown's Fremont Park on Saturday for the Sacramento Mobile Food Festival, hungry for food trucks and sending a message that Sacramento is ripe for a mobile food scene.

Sacramento: Mobile Food Festival Slaps Virtual Food Truck Ban in the Face

As Doctor Who might say, “Food trucks are cool”. And right now they are. And tragically unhip Sacramento is missing out on some great food. It’s also missing out on the economic pie.

Sacramento: Welcome to the World of the Mini Burger Truck

I’m going to be honest here, I didn’t know if I had room for the third burger, but I couldn’t resist I had saved the best for last or at least I thought, they all were so good.

What it Takes to Open Your Own Mobile Food Cart or Truck….

Emphasis seems to be on, at least in the media, how fast the orders are cranked out to feed a long line of people at a busy stop.

Sacramento, CA: Walk Up, Order Up and Mobile Food Festival

Davin Vculek cruised his Mini Burger food truck through downtown Sacramento, prowling for state workers who wanted a quick lunch.

Food Truck Craze Hitting Sacramento; SactoMoFo Festival Saturday (video)

The newest food craze sweeping the nation is popping up right here in Sacramento--food trucks.

Save the Date: Sacto MoFo is coming on April 30th!

Often mistaken for "roach coaches", they're actually clean, quality restaurants on wheels, buzzing with impressive culinary activity. From lamb sliders to wood-fired pizzas, succulent porchetta sandwiches to sensational desserts, gourmet food trucks are taking most major U.S. cities by storm.