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Food Truck Pods Popping Up in Seattle

"Every food truck sold out," said Peter Noble, Uptown Espresso's president.

Fending Off Food Trucks

The latest news on the food truck front comes out of Seattle.

Fending Off Food Trucks

Food truck operators are forming advocacy groups to lobby local government officials

6 Places to Chow Down at Food Trucks in Seattle

Food trucks are ditching the solo act in Seattle and congregating in pods around the city

Seattle, WA: Council OKs More Food Trucks on Streets

Seattle will join the ranks of cities around the country where food trucks can legally do business on a public street.

Seattle: City Council Committee Adopts New Street Food Legislation

A vibrant street food community in Seattle is one step closer to becoming a reality.

Make Seattle More Welcoming to Street & Sidewalk Vending

The Seattle City Council is therefore right to consider a bill that would ease the city's prohibitive regulation of street and sidewalk vending.

Good News for Seattle’s Food Trucks

That's what the Seattle City Council decided late last month when it unanimously approved a measure that would allow food trucks and other vendors to temporarily take up residency on sites of stalled development.

City gets Serious About Street Food: New Plan Could Create Zones on Capitol Hill...

A plan to jumpstart Seattle's street food scene is moving forward with new legislation designed to boost local shopping district economies, create "festive, pedestrian-friendly streets" and give entrepreneurs an easier starting point for creating their own food and drink businesses, CHS learned.