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Seattle Street Food Vending in the Pacific Northwest

Apollo Carts has compiled a list of resources that could help with your Mobile Street Food Vending business development.

Seattle: Street Food Proposal Draws Critics

Critics showed up at a City Council hearing on proposed legislation to facilitate more mobile food sites.

A Chance to Double-Dip on Seattle Street Food

Given Marination Mobile’s recent opening of Marination Station at Pike and Broadway, and Skillet setting up shop nearby at 14th and Union (Josh Henderson tells me to expect a mid-late May opening), street food is getting easier to find when you want it—especially if you live on Capitol Hill.

Seattle: Street Food to Get Trucking

Somerville bought two trucks and started the street-food vending side of his business in 2005. In the years since, as creative cuisine and foodie culture flourished in America, demand has spiked for food from such "roving restaurants."