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Seattle, WA: Seattle food trucks – Hilariously delicious

Check out some city food trucks with silly, punny and (we think) saucy names

Seattle, WA: Your dog will be begging for this new food truck

The Seattle Barkery features baked goods custom made for canines.

Seattle, WA: The no-power lunch – Seattle food trucks used Square’s Offline Mode to...

The power outage in downtown Seattle on Wednesday wasn’t going to keep office workers from eating, and thanks to one bit of technology from the payment service Square, food trucks did a brisk business.

Seattle, WA: No power, no problem for food trucks

"The longest line we've ever had," said William Smith, of Delfino's Chicago Style Pizza Food Truck. "We knew something was going on, and we looked out and saw all the power's off."

Seattle, WA: Seattle’s Top Food Trucks Rally to Fight Hunger

Seattle foodies will unite this Sunday to enjoy the city’s best mobile food offerings and do some good.

Seattle, WA: Three New Food Trucks Join The Seattle Foodie Scene

The Mobile Mavens fleet are just cute. There is no way around it. You may have seen their first couple trucks that launched in 2014 around town:Biscuit Box and Pop Up. The success of those two meant that this week they were willing to ramp things up, and add three more.

Seattle, WA: Seattle’s first ‘charity food truck’ coming soon

The Wizards are now working their magic to open "Cheese Wiches," a second food truck dedicated to serving those in need.

Seattle, WA: Cheese Wizards Partners to Create Seattle’s First Charitable Food Truck

The new Cheese Wiches truck will have the same cheesy menu, but will donate proceeds to folks in need.

Seattle, WA: Food Truck Serves Up World’s Most Expensive Hot Dog

The gourmet toppings include teriyaki grilled onions, tender beef, black truffle shavings, caviar and a special Japanese mayo.