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Fayetteville, AR: Food Truck Goes to the Dogs in Cross-Country Marketing Event

The samples are free. But the idea is, of course, to sell consumers on new lines of Milo's Kitchen products, Thomas admitted. In January 2013, the company recalled its chicken jerky and chicken grillers treats because trace amounts of residual antibiotics had been found in several lots sourced from China.

Morgantown,WV : Morgantown’s Hot Dog Man to Hop the Curb

Beginning Jan. 1, between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m., no one can sell anything on the High Street sidewalk between Walnut and Fayette streets. Hot dog carts and other such vendors who set up in that area now will have to move to another section of High Street, such as across Walnut toward the Monongalia County Courthouse.

Manila, PH: Manila’s Meals on Wheels – A Food Cart Revolution

Food carts have been around in the Philippines for quite some time. From your friendly neighborhood fish ball carts to the endless stalls you see in malls and train stations, these quick snack peddlers have filled many hungry tummies on the go.

Cambridge, MA: New Offerings in Cambridge’s Riverside Food Truck Season

The City of Cambridge invites applications from qualified Mobile Food Vendors to sell freshly-prepared food and beverages at designated spaces at riverside parks.

Norfolk, VA: Norfolk’s Charming Food Trucks

Hundreds descend on our food trucks buying hot dogs, tacos, beer, wine, cupcakes and cuts of meat.

New York, NY: Luke’s Lobster Selling $10 Lobster Rolls For Mayor’s Sandy Relief Fund

Thousands of pounds of lobster were donated by the Maine Lobster Council for the cause, the Mayor’s Fund to Advance NYC. If you recall, this is the same entity that teamed up the NYC Food Truck Association and many private companies to provide over 250,000 free meals to those hit hardest byHurricane Sandy.

Flint, MI: Eating on the go – Ice cream trolley looking to roll into...

he creative director for a Flint ad agency wants to park a refurbished trolley inside the Flat Lot at South Saginaw Street near East First Street and sell ice cream out of it with an aim toward attracting young families downtown.

Wausau, WI: Local Business Owners, Leaders Developing Food Cart Ordinance

City business owners, civic leaders and food vendors Wednesday began crafting an ordinance that would allow permits for food carts or trucks in Wausau.

Chicago, IL: Park District Offers Sanctuary To Food Trucks

The Park District has its own rules and, apparently, a decidedly different attitude about food being fixed on and sold from trucks. Now the Park District is aiming to help some of the trucks hoping to sell downtown and elsewhere by granting them permission to park in and sell from the parks.

Arlington, VA: Food Truck Climate Warms Up in Arlington

Food trucks in Arlington will have a whole two hours to sell their goodies now, as the county board unanimously approved doubling the previous one-hour parking limit Tuesday.