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Toronto, CAN: Giles Coren’s Culinary Tour of Toronto

The Times of London’s powerful, acerbic restaurant critic Giles Coren has been touring a handful of North American cities — places he readily admits he knows little about — and directing his trademark piercing critiques at the local food scenes. It’s for a reality TV show that he originated, and in keeping with his media personality of supersized ego, has named “Million Dollar Critic.”

New Orleans, LA: Krewe of Freret Kicks Off Series of Free Saturday Concerts at...

The Krewe of Freret announced today “EAT STREET”, a free summer concert series and member drive every Saturday in August at Freret Street Publiq House.

National News: Three Philly Guys Join ‘The Great Food Truck Race’

The fourth season of Food Network's The Great Food Truck Race - in which teams of restaurant rookies drive around the country for the chance to win a truck of their own - will feature three guys from Northeast Philly, a first for the Tyler Florence-hosted series.

Billerica, MA: Billerica, Chicago Food Trucks Serve up Stanley Cup Challenge

The chicken food truck, unveiled six months ago, has been a big hit, Strazzere said. The truck stops in Billerica, Burlington, Bedford, Lexington and Malden throughout the week, sitting outside office buildings for employees at lunch. In the months before the Lowell Spinners season kicked off, the truck was at the stadium three nights a week serving college students.

Alpharetta, GA: Food Trucks to Roll in Alpharetta

We’ll have everything from fresh, natural, local and organic cuisine to southwestern, Venezuelan, Puerto Rican, cheese steaks, meatballs, cupcakes [and] gelato. There really is going to be a very big product offering for people to come sample and taste

Austin, TX: Hannibal Serves Up Tasty Treats From A Food Truck At SXSW

With Hannibal set to premiere in less than a month, NBC's been promoting the creepy new series a bit more actively these days. That includes a food truck at SXSW.

San Diego, CA: Green Truck Gets New Chef, Plans Pop-Up’s

Green Truck will'll be developing new monthly menus going forward; one of her newest dishes is a white miso ginger soup with mushrooms and rice noodles.

St. Catherines, CAN: Grab A Bite To Eat Before Saturday Matinee

The LunchMarket at the Shaw Festival is an example: Every Saturday throughout the film series, food trucks and chefs serve lunch at the theatre.

London, UK: A Feast for Zombies: Gory Gourmet Food Truck Serves Fresh Brain Burgers

Food truck that serves brain burgers, brain salad wrap or crispy chunks of brain.

The Return of The Great Food Truck Race: New Season, Higher Stakes

Winner gets their very own food truck and a huge cash prize of $50,000.