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Fayetteville, AR: Food Truck Goes to the Dogs in Cross-Country Marketing Event

The samples are free. But the idea is, of course, to sell consumers on new lines of Milo's Kitchen products, Thomas admitted. In January 2013, the company recalled its chicken jerky and chicken grillers treats because trace amounts of residual antibiotics had been found in several lots sourced from China.

Charlotte, NC: Best Food Truck – The Tin Kitchen

By  Contributor  |  Creative Loafing Charlotte It's not an overly colorful or decorative exterior that draws one to the Tin Kitchen food truck. Instead, it's the long...

San Francisco, CA: Food Truck Bite of the Week – Porchetta Nachos at The...

The menu was short and sweet with a porchetta sandwich, smoked potatoes, and Cuban Porchetta Nachos ($7, Cuban style chopped porchetta, tortilla chips, housemade white cheese sauce, Rancho Gordo black beans, crema, green onions) that was on everybody's buy list. With good reason too.

San Francisco, CA: Food Truck Bite of the Week – Headbanging to Fryin’ Maiden...

The truck is the domain of Shellie Kitchen (possibly not her real name) who earned her chops in culinary school and working on line in fine dining restaurants after quitting her corporate day job.

San Francisco, CA: Food Truck Bite of the Week – The Classic at Belly...

The sandwich concept seems excessive even by food truck standards: take a slab of pork belly, grind it, make patties, then fry them up on a griddle.

San Francisco, CA: Food Truck Bite of the Week – Porchetta Sandwich at Roli...

It's an accomplishment that owner Thomas Odermatt seems to maintain better than anyone else, crisp skin with juicy meat in the 500 or so sandwiches the staff told me they sell during lunch.

London, UK: Hot Food on A Cold Day

The sidewalk snacks of Delhi, Mumbai and Kerala have descended on London pavements in a big way, says Sheba Promod.

Philadelphia, PA: The Pure-est of Penn Food Trucks

On Penn’s campus, it is difficult to resist falling into food cart patterns. When a new truck rolls along, you have to weigh the options: to enjoy the usual, or to sacrifice your perfect order and experiment with something new?

St. Louis, MO: Lulu’s Local Eatery Food Truck to Tote Garden on Top

A “global eclectic” roster of snacks, wraps and bowls