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Boulder’s StrEat Chefs Trailer, Started by Hosea Rosenberg, Stalls Out

Chef Hosea Rosenberg said he and other officials decided to shut down StrEat Chefs, a company launched last year to serve international street fare from an Airstream trailer.

Duos: Mobile Kitchen Doing Slow Food Fast

There is an influx of new mobile food trucks that are offering food that could compete with some of the best restaurants.

Bite Of Minnesota: Food Trucks Returning

I’m also looking forward to the food trucks hitting the streets. It is sure to be an explosion of food options due to loosened regulation and increased interest in starting mobile food carts.

Milwaukee: Haute Taco Goes on the Road

Jake, Jr., bought two food trucks in Arizona during the winter and is looking for a third to be on the streets of southeastern Wisconsin this spring and summer.

Irvine Lanes Food Trucks

Food trucks have been "having a moment" in Southern California for a few years now. And while they seem to have the strongest following in Los Angeles (here's my fave LA food truck), Orange County has become quite the hot bed of activity for four-wheel foodies.


In addition to our recent posts about new trucks from Gorilla Cheese NYC, Crisp Falafel, Red Hook Lobster Pound and Milk Truck, not to mention 2 free promotional food trucks, check out the info below.

Boston: Roxy’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese

Roxy's Gourmet Grilled Cheese joins the ranks of Boston's newfound fleet of food trucks, capricious cousins to brick-and-mortar spots.

Philadelphia: Tiffin Is Working on a Food Truck and More Locations

Though he was short on details, Narula said that he is in fact working on getting a food truck and is preparing to open more Tiffin locations this year.

The Battle for Chicago Food Trucks

Chicago remains the last major U.S. city to get on board with the food-truck trend, due largely to a city ordinance that states operators can serve but not prepare food on the streets.

Chicago: Simple Sandwich Parks the Truck For Good

Well, it feels like spring to me, so I called Simple's owner, David Wojtonik, and asked him when the truck would be back. "Good question," he said. "It's not coming back."