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Tallahassee, FL: Food Trucks Drive Business in Tallahassee

The varieties of empanadas are a staple food item at the Turnover Café. One of itsempanadas is filled with ground beef, onions and olives, topped with powdered sugar.

12 Most Compelling Reasons to Love Food Trucks

These trucks may be more than just a fleeting trend; they could be the new fixture in the modern culinary world

Ashland City, TN: AC Seeks Answers About Food Trucks

Food trucks have become a staple on the streets of Nashville, and now they are rolling into Ashland City.

Sky’s Gourmet Tacos is Out of ‘The Great Food Truck Race’ but They’re Not...

Going on The Great Food Truck Race will help them continue to expand.

Phoenix: Market on the Grow in North

While the street food market is limited in the downtown it's growing in the north industrial area where a number of concession-style food trucks have entered the market.

Sacramento: Welcome to the World of the Mini Burger Truck

I’m going to be honest here, I didn’t know if I had room for the third burger, but I couldn’t resist I had saved the best for last or at least I thought, they all were so good.