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Staten Island, NY: Food Truck Influx Adds to Staten Island’s Traffic Woes, Drivers Say

It is true that a lot of the legitimate food trucks, the ones that present a unique ethnic food, are welcome to a lot of fairs

Staten Island, NYC: New Food Truck in Staten Island’s Huguenot Section

Zocchi plans on sticking it out through the cold season. He'll be serving up breakfast and lunch, including his homemade chicken soup, throughout the winter months.

Staten Island, NYC: RI Man Uses Food Truck For Sandy Relief

The relief efforts continue to come in the wake of Hurricane Sandy

Meet the 2012 Vendy Awards Finalists: The Best of NYC Street Food [video]

What are the secrets behind the top street food vendors in New York City?

The 8 Best Food Trucks In New York City

As the craze grows, with more people opting to eat from trucks rather than traditional brick-and-mortar restaurants

Changing Food Truck Permitting Process Could Raise Millions

Food trucks pay up to $20,000 on the black market for permits that cost $200

Mega-Soda Ban in New York

The outcry has been deafening.

License Caps Send NYC Food Vendors to Black Market, Public Parks, Private Property

Municipal laws cap the number of food carts and trucks allowed to operate.

Food Truck Trend Picking Up Speed, Survey Shows

CupcakeStop's CEO, Richard Kallman, is in discussions with General Growth to place kiosks in other mall locations.