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York, PA: Penn State York Fills Gap with Food Trucks

Renovations will temporarily close the Lion's Den dining area

Vancouver, CAN: Are Vancouver Food Trucks Located Too Close to Each Other?

The case study concluded that food trucks, particularly similar ones, should be located a few blocks apart from each other – within walking distance – instead of being cluttered around Robson Square.

Newbury, CA: Food Truck Fundraiser Supports NPHS FHA

The event will help raise money to cover costs associated with student participation in the state conference and culinary competition.

Washington, DC: Food Trucks Get Go Ahead for GWorld

Food trucks will soon be able to accept GWorld as payment following an announcement from the University after months of student lobbying.

Colleges Roll Out Own Food Trucks (video)

Food trucks become more popular among the college set

California: AB 1678 Will Not Proceed Further in 2012

California Food Policy Advocates (CFPA) did nothing to reach out to impacted vendors

Ottawa, ONT: Food Truck Fever

Why are there so darned few streetfood trucks in the nation's capital?

Toronto, CAN – U of T Food Truck Diversity Lags Behind City

A Toronto-wide initiative to diversify food truck options has been in full swing in recent months