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Syracuse, NY: PB&J’s Lunch Box – Syracuse food truck rolls into a ‘brick and...

This week, she is converting the restaurant space inside the Imperial Gardens apartments at James and Oak streets into a "brick and mortar" location for PB&J's Lunch Box. She expects to open on Monday.

Syracuse, NY: Food trucks in CNY – A mid-season update (and check out the...

We're in the heart of food truck season in Central New York, and in case you missed it, there are now two weekly rodeo spots in town.

Syracuse, NY: Food trucks in Syracuse – Who they are and where they’ll roll...

Several new food trucks are on the roll in the Syracuse area this season. Some veteran trucks are rolling to new places. And a couple of familiar local food trucks aren't rolling at all.

Syracuse, NY: “Taste NY” Food Truck Competition to Premiere at 2015 Great New York...

Competition to Feature as Many as 20 New York State Chefs Making Their Best Mobile Foods

Syracuse, NY: Syracuse Jazz Fest to Amp Up Its Dining Options with Food Trucks,...

"We are not a food fest, but we understand that people are going to be out there for six hours and we want to provide amenities," said fest director Frank Malfitano. "At the same time, we understand our audience is looking for something different, something creative."

Syracuse, NY: Syracuse Sees Increase in Food Trucks

Food trucks are the latest trend sweeping the nation. Food trucks are not a brand new thing in Syracuse, but they never have had this many or have they offered such a diverse menu. Meals range from hamburgers to crepes.

Syracuse, NY: Syracuse Area Food Trucks Start to Stake Out their Locations

Their offerings include a falafel sandwich, mushroom burger, fried chicken and a burger spiced with harissa, a hot red chili pepper paste from North Africa.

Syracuse, NY: At Long Last, Food Trucks are Rolling into Syracuse

You can have lines down the street or no one,” said the owner of the Lady Bug Lunchbox, which took to the streets selling curbside food in 2001. “It could be 20 degrees, or it could be 120 inside here. You have to deal with all of it