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Tacoma, WA: Tacoma’s newest food truck will serve burgers downtown

The Lincoln neighborhood restaurant with the distinctive orange sign is transforming its 20th-century burger menu into a trendy 21st-century operation on wheels.

Tacoma, WA: Korean burger food truck now open in Tacoma

A vegetarian burger will be available closer to spring. It will be a patty of ground Korean beans, mushrooms, egg and cheese. There’s also either sweet potato or garlic butter fries.

Tacoma, WA: T-Town Food Trucks – First mobile meetup in downtown Tacoma Friday

A mobile food court will pop up at three Tacoma locations Friday-Sunday. It’s part of a pilot project with T-Town Food Trucks and the city of Tacoma.

Tacoma, WA: Your Guide to Pierce County’s Somewhat Invisible Food Truck Offerings

The first is the region’s oldest category of mobile dining: taco trucks serving traditional taqueria eats. The second is a list of trucks with semipermanent locations or regular serving spots. The third is a list of what I call “floater trucks.” Those are trucks you’ll encounter at public gatherings or festivals.

Tacoma, WA: Food Truck Gathering – Moveable Feast is Sunday at Tacoma’s Cheney Stadium

This Tacoma business produces frozen pops with flavors I love – strawberry lemon, lavender orange, minty melon, lemon-berry ginger, strawberry rhubarb.

Seattle, WA: Seattle-Tacoma Residents Can “Peel the Love” May 25-June 2

Dole picks Emerald City as one of eight stops on summer food truck tour which peels back the fun, health and whimsy of bananas4,800-mile trip co-sponsored by Dole Packaged Foods and Blue Diamond allows residents to taste new recipes and take home FREE sam

Tacoma, WA: Mobile Dining in the Rainy Season? You Bet. Two New Trucks are...

He buttered and toasted the bun – and the buns are from Tacoma’s Baker Boys. It’s an easy equation. Griddling + toasting = good tasting dogs.

Pacific, WA: Filipino food trucks – Big Boys now open in Pacific, Lumpia World...

The grating chill blew in sideways through the window on the Big Boys Filipino food truck, but the couple working inside didn’t seem bothered much.

Welcome to taco town: Mobile vendors put taco in Tacoma

Bus, truck, trailer. It doesn’t matter what you call a taco truck.

NEWS ALERT: 2011 Metro Parks Tacoma – Concession Cart Vending Program

Metro Parks Tacoma (MPT) is accepting applications for concession cart vending at select MPT signature and community parks beginning June 1, 2011 through September 5, 2011.