Tag: Technology

Square Allows Mobile Payment Processing

One Square mobile application, credit card reader to go with it: FREE!

The Middleman Is Thriving on the Internet

Chefs from food trucks, farmers markets matched up with businesses that want food delivered to busy employees.

Farmingdale, NY: Tweeting from the Coffee Truck

How one Farmingdale entrepreneur is using the web to keep business moving in this economy.

Food Trucks Have Tech-Savvy Following

With all due respect to big city hot dog vendors, food carts have gotten a bit more sophisticated lately.

Device Allows Smartphones to Process Card Transactions

"It's got to be in a truck and I was on a really tight budget," said Stenke, 41, owner of the Klausie's Pizza Truck.

SF: Street Food Stars Dish Digital Media Marketing Advice at National Street Food Conference

Technology has transformed the way the entire food industry markets its products, said Linnekin

Though the Streets are Bad for Food Trucks, They Are Good for Food Trucks...

It's been yet another... interesting week for food trucks.

Mobile Marketing and the Franchise Industry

“10% of the top 200 restaurant chains will have a mobile presence in the next 24 months,”

Case Study: Daily Deal Pitches Overwhelm SF Restaurateur

The Tacolicious owner gets between four and nine pitches from daily deal salespeople each month.

John Guest Celebrates 50 Years

Passion for invention has enabled John Guest to continue to be the global leader in push- fit fittings.