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How Does the End of Borders Books Relate to Food Trucks? I’m Glad You...

The complaints are typical — “lower overhead” and “less taxes” (but not lower prices!) are reasons to ban or regulate the trucks out of existence (or at least, off the block).

Food Truck Trend

A Pizza Truck, “depending on the model, fully loaded they can range from $215,000 [to] as low as $165,000,” Sullivan said.

5 Creative Location-Based Campaigns for Small Businesses to Learn From

There’s an opportunity both to draw in new customers and forge deeper connections with existing ones.

Innovation: Food Trucks, Raw Meals and Facebook

Watch what they’re serving because shopper requests might soon be coming to your deli department.

Pizza Innovation: Small Entrepreneurs & Food Trucks Lead the Way

Mobile food retailing has already ignited a whole new product technology for mobile pizza ovens.

NRA Show’s Open! Special Exhibits You Won’t Want to Miss

Food Truck Spot is your go-to for learning and experience the growing movement.

Kickstarter.com: Funding the Food Truck Revolution

One planned food truck is hoping the public is eager enough for its wares that it'll put its money where its collective mouth is.

Street Vendors Should Tweet, Even the Poor Ones

It’s obvious that social media is spreading, and the Internet continues to threaten stubborn leadership and old paradigms.

Food Truck FastPass

The guys over at FoodTruck FastPass are creating mobile phone applications for Food Trucks, which work with their wireless printers.

No More Waiting In Line at The Food Truck or Concession Stand

Yorder (previously called iConcessionStand) is a free mobile-app for iPhones and Android phones. The idea behind the app is simple: sports fans can order food, beverages, and merchandise from their seat and about 15-20 minutes later receive their order without missing a minute of the game.