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Nashville: Liege-Style Belgian Waffles on Wheels

Like many creative small businesses in Nashville, the waffle trailer called Taste of Belgium is a side business to supplement its owner's career as a songwriter.

Downtown Memphis to Host Food Truck Fare

Downtown’s Court Square will host food trucks next week as the Memphis City Council prepares to finalize new laws governing mobile food vendors.

Mobile Food Trucks Take Nashville By Storm

Buying a sandwich from someone selling food out of their truck seems pretty shady to some people. But the mobile food industry is sweeping over Nashville, and the idea seems to be sticking.

Chattanooga Restaurant Part of National Food Truck Trend

Siler says the start-up costs of the food truck were about one-fifth of a restaurant in a building. And he has to follow the same permits and pass all health inspections just like any other restaurant.

Mobile Food Trucks Are Coming to Memphis

The laws, they are a changin'. Recently, there was a Memphis City Council proposal to relax the restrictions on food trucks and food carts.

Food Trucks Convene on West End for a Mobile Lunch Party

Nashville is still relatively new to the food truck phenomenon, so it will be something of a landmark moment when three popular trucks.

Free Money for Morels Vegan Food Truck

Kickstarter.com is not new to MobileFoodNews.com.  We covered this incredible way to raise capital before.  However, I do not think people realize how simple...

A New Mobile Food Truck… The Grilled Cheeserie!

A new mobile food truck, the "Grilled Cheeserie", classes up comfort food!

Nashville’s New Grilled Cheese Mobile Food Truck Launches Nov. 26

We’ve got tacos on wheels and a late-night greasy slice in the running for Nashville’s reigning champ in the mobile-food-truck race. Come Black...