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New York, NY: Street Eats – Squid Pad Thai from the Rhong Tiam Pad...

The flat rice noodles were nice and springy, and you could taste the sweet rice wine in the sauce. There was not a lot of sauce, but what sauce there was held everything together, almost like a binding agent…but that makes it sound so unappealing. This was very tasty!

Stockton, CA: Food Trucks Draw Crowd Downtown

Crowds started to gather a little after 11 a.m., when the frenzy started, and continued for the three-hour event.

New York, NYC: Street Eats – Chicken Pad Thai from Muay Thai

After adding the hot sauce, we did enjoy lunch from Muay Thai, but that first shrimp pad thai was like it was from another, better cart.

World’s Best Street Food

International street food has long rivaled five star restaurants for creativity, taste, and class.

Food Trucks in Downtown Denver?

Food Trucks have evolved and their operators are now using Twitter and Facebook to let their customers know where they will be headed next.