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Nissan Jumps on the Food Truck Trend with a Concept Van

NV2500 model vans outfitted for the show as commercial food trucks

Hayward, CA: Man Creates Custom Food Trucks [video]

Bay Area man has been designing food trucks for three decades.

Charlie Perez, Owner of Trailer Factory Passes…..

Charlie Perez, age 29, owner of Trailer Factory passes in motorcycle accident

Airtronics Metal Products Launches Metal Gourmet™

Metal Gourmet established as a wholly owned subsidiary to design, build and distribute California-compliant food carts and trailers for the growing mobile food industry

Worksman Vending Cycles, Carts & Trailers – A Brief Video

Jack Beller, VP of Worksman Cycles & 800BUYCARTS.com is interviewed while giving a short tour of their Queens, NY manufacturing plant.

5 Important Things to Know Before Starting your Own Food Vending Business

Buy your food vending unit from a company you can trust

A MUST READ!: Fashioning Artistry on Wheels

The New York City Department of Health lists seven other truck-and-cart manufacturers in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx, and there are dozens more in fierce competition.

Maryland’s ‘Mobile Kitchen Solutions’ Aids Oil Spill Relief Efforts in Montana

Mobile Kitchen Solutions announced today their assistance in providing a 28-foot kitchen trailer and other equipment to help feed disaster relief workers in the oil spill clean-up efforts in Billings, Montana.

Food Truck Trend

A Pizza Truck, “depending on the model, fully loaded they can range from $215,000 [to] as low as $165,000,” Sullivan said.

Food Truck Makers Revived by Gourmet Trend

Hopeful gourmet truck entrepreneurs come from all over the country to get retired vehicles transformed into gleaming, rolling emporiums that dish out everything from comfort food to exotic fare.