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Cleveland Food Truck Legislation Expires in November

The temporary city ordinance allowing mobile food trucks to operate on Cleveland city streets will expire in November.

Food Trucks Begin to Roll in Raleigh Saturday

Starting Saturday, food truck operators will be allowed to set up on private property in Raleigh

H & 8th Outdoor Food Market Makes Successful Relaunch Friday in Oklahoma City

Health inspectors and food truck operators cheerily went about their business

Food Truck Meeting Later Today In Buffalo City Hall

Buffalo city council members will meet with restaurant owners and food truck operators today

Buffalo: Leave the Food Trucks Alone, Paladino

Here we have Carl Paladino, of all people, WHINING!

Fending Off Food Trucks

The latest news on the food truck front comes out of Seattle.

St. Louis: Mangia Italiano Wins 1st Round in Food Truck Fight

U.S. District judge ruled Monday that the food truck known as the Mangia Mobile has to stop using its name.

LA: Street Food Cred Comes in the Form of a Yellow Sticker

You can sell food on the street legally, with a series of business and health permits

The Great Food Truck Scandal

We would never cheat on you New York!

Rules of the Road: Food Trucks Face Regulations [video]

Nashville doesn’t have specific mobile food vending laws, food trucks have been regulated as both vehicles and restaurants