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Auckland, NZ: Healthy Food Comes From the Back of a Truck [tv show]

Chef Michael van de Elzena stars in a show which sees him cooking up healthier versions of fast food in the back of a 1970 Bedford truck and selling it to the public.

GFTR’s Producer Noah Mark Dishes On The Great Food Truck Race

As producers on the show, we can't eat the food that the trucks are serving.

Live Blog: The Great Food Truck Race

his weekend, the finale of Food Network's The Great Food Truck Race is being filmed all over the streets of Miami.

Hodge Podge a Finalist in “The Great Food Truck Race”

Cleveland’s Hodge Podge food truck and its brand of comfort food have made it to the finale of Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race,” according to rampant tweets and Face Book posts.

Street Food Vendors Get a Shot at Primetime Fame with ‘Eat St.’

Paperny Films is hungry for street food vendors to feature in Season 2 of its hit television series, Eat St.

For Food Vendors – How to Get on the Eat St. TV Show

Ever wondered how to get your cart featured on the Eat St. TV show? Wonder no more.

“The Great Food Truck Race” feeds Atlanta [video]

Food Network spent the weekend shooting a portion of its second season of "The Great Food Truck Race" in Atlanta.

Is Twitter Spoiling Food Network Show?

“The Great Food Truck people realized that Twitter is too powerful of a tool to ignore,” said Reynoso

Food Network: 8 New Food Trucks Ready to Roll

The second season of The Great Food Truck Race is hitting the road, with chef Tyler Florence returning as host.

Charleston, SC: Food Network Show Seeks Food Truck Fare

Sloan, 36, is able to serve a surprisingly large and eclectic variety of flavors out of her teal food truck.