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Baton Rouge, LA: Taco Churro’s Food Truck Expands LSU Dining Options

The menu ranges from burrito bowls to breakfast options, and ingredients are made fresh everyday, according to Duncan.

Baltimore, MD: Two Food Truck Rallies Scheduled for Friday

The Gathering, Baltimore's traveling food truck rally, is meeting tonight at Stratford University in Little Italy

Toronto, CAN: Food Trucks at Hot Docs Free Outdoor Screening

Bloor Hot Docs is celebrating their 20th anniversary by hosting a free outdoor screening in the Burwash Quad at University of Toronto

National News: The Elder Scrolls Online Food Truck is By Touring America

The first stop for the Elder Scrolls Online food truck is the The South by Southwest (SXSW) music tour in Austin Texas on Sunday, March 10 2013.

Houston, TX: How the University of Houston Became Home of the Food Trucks

I read an article in the Daily Cougar [UH's student newspaper] that the UC was going to be renovated in the summer; we had only been open for a few weeks at the time. I e-mailed some of the representatives at U of H, so they came out to try our food while we were parked at the Museum of Fine Arts and they liked it

Stanford, CA: Another Food Truck Removed, Community Members Protest

Her food was so good, and it was so affordable, that even on days when I thought I was having a really bad day, as long as I had some of her food for lunch, I felt like it wasn’t a total loss

National News: Join Us on Our Food Truck Tour

This March, The Elder Scrolls Online food truck embarks on an adventure across the US. If you happen to be in the states, meet us at one of 11 stops for free food, giveaways, and more!

Richmond, VA: University of Richmond Considers On-Campus Food Trucks

With 41 food venues around campus, the trucks are a great seasoning more so than an entree

Washington, DC: Food Trucks Get Go Ahead for GWorld

Food trucks will soon be able to accept GWorld as payment following an announcement from the University after months of student lobbying.

Gainesville, FL: Food Truck Brings Latin Flair, Mobile Dining Options to UF

Similiar food trucks exist at University of Alabama, University of Tennessee and Florida State University.