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Long Island, NY: Feeding Frenzy in Montauk

Ditch Witch and Beach Dog Cart—have had to make room for a pair of upstarts that many locals fear will end up ousting their old favorites.

NYC: Food Truck Quits Tavern on the Green

Even alcohol couldn’t save the Ladle of Love truck.

Food Trucks Seek Salvation in Queens Parking Lot

It’s been a rough summer for New York City’s food trucks.

How Does the End of Borders Books Relate to Food Trucks? I’m Glad You...

The complaints are typical — “lower overhead” and “less taxes” (but not lower prices!) are reasons to ban or regulate the trucks out of existence (or at least, off the block).

Tavern on the Green Food Truck Closes Up Shop

Ladle of Love, a Westchester-based soup and sandwich shop, is terminating its contract with New York City's parks department.

The Evolution of Food Trucks

More and more cities are adopting trucks – but the function of the truck is evolving, too!

NYC Government: The Great Dietitian

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently complained about the food trucks lining the streets of his city.

Every Bride Expects a Lovely Food Truck [video]

Street sales aren't the only source of revenue for the gourmet food trucks that have taken the city by storm in a few years.

Snack Trucks Thwart Nutrition Goals

Fights have broken out between drivers over choice parking locations, forcing him to call the police on more than one occasion.

NYC: Kitchen Campaigns: For Mobile Ones, Against Temporary Ones

It should come as no surprise that New York's gourmet food trucks have gone from being on culinary rebels on the fringe of the restaurant industry to taking an active part in the legislative process.