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Washington, DC: To Protect Restaurants, D.C. May Curb Food Trucks

The rules would designate a few food truck parking spots around prime locations such as George Washington University, Farragut Square and the Verizon Center.

Washington, DC: Proposed Regulations Could Kick Several Food Trucks off H Street

The city has not decided how many trucks would be allowed to park in each zone, but the proposed regulations require at least three, the Washington Post reported Wednesday. Vendors could buy into the lottery for $25 and would pay $150 per vehicle each month to park in the marked-off areas.

Washington, DC: Food Truck Owners Meeting April 1! Open To All Food Truck Operators

This meeting is open to all food trucks, even if you aren’t a member of the association.

Washington, DC: Food Truck Group says D.C. Rules Would Block Many Vendors from Downtown...

The city has not determined how many trucks would be allowed in each zone, but the proposed regulations stipulate a minimum of three, all selected via a monthly lottery system.

Washington, DC: Proposed Food Truck Regulations Would Make Food Trucks Illegal in Most of...

A map by the Food Truck Association shows the proposed regulations would make most of the Central Business District off-limits to food trucks – highlighted in red on the map.

Washington, DC: Regulations Would Limit Locations for Food Trucks

The provisions would eliminate certain vendor license requirements that treat trucks as sole proprietorships, allow employees to work for more than one vendor and differentiate between non-mobile vendors, food trucks and ice cream trucks, eliciting support from some food truck vendors.

Washington, DC: In the News – Regulations Starving D.C. Food Trucks

Proposed regulations on Washington, D.C. food trucks may force many out of business, leaving hungry workers and tourists in the U.S. capital with fewer lunch options.

Washington, DC: The Empire Strikes Back at Food Trucks

Washington DC is considering new regulations that would create special zones throughout with a limited number of parking space for food trucks. Truck owners would be assigned spaces based on a lottery, with winners getting a parking space but also paying a fee for the right.

Washington, DC: The $20 Diner – Your local truck stop

Alfaro’s savvy shows up in details large and small. It could be the added cabbage crunch atop his good-and-gloopy El Fuego burger (you best suggest a temperature or the Black Angus patty comes cooked a food-safe medium-well). Or it could be the perfectly formed, restaurant-grade mound of rice with his Peruvian-Chinese plate, lomo saltado, an honorable take on the beef stir-fry dish, complete with hot and crisp fries.

Washington, DC: Mobile Warming

Eating truck food is different, somehow, from getting salad or Chinese food by the pound at a downtown lunch buffet, or from browsing the daily sandwich selection at the nearest fast casual chain. With bigger groups and no tray to hold, the eavesdropping is sometimes better; outside, the omnipresent ID badges don’t seem as dour a reminder of the afternoon work hours ahead.