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Washington, DC: DC’s 100% Vegan Food Truck

The BBQ drummies were a messy revelation. The sweet, tangy sauce made these mock chicken drumsticks sing. For sides, I ordered the collards and the sautéed cabbage. Both were excellent quality with rich, savory flavors.

Washington, DC: Soul Food Truck in DC Gets Going

Hearty and yummy soul food will now be available in Washington DC. And the food will be cruelty-free vegan style to cater to anyone’s desires

Washington, DC: Washington D.C.’s 6 Best Food Trucks for 2013

Our rankings are based on a specific methodology; we consider followings on Twitter and Facebook, critical review, and originality of a given truck. We then assign and crunch numbers for each criteria with a mathematical formula. The trucks are then ranked based on our results.

National News: Los Angeles Is The Model For Food-Truck Freedom, Washington, D.C. Is Protectionist...

Thankfully, citizens and food-truck operators themselves didn’t stand for this. Widespread and vocal community activism forced the City Council of the District of Columbia to reconsider the proposed regulations.

Washington, DC: Food Trucks Join Arts and Humanities Festival Saturday at St. Elizabeths East

In addition to serving delicious eats, food trucks help to incentivize economic investment by demonstrating the viability of restaurants and retail in important communities

Washington, DC: New York and DC Food Trucks to Square Off In August ‘Throwdown’

Basically food trucks from New York and D.C. are going to gather in a big circle in Canal Park and do what they do-- serve food. There will be a panel of judges that goes around and tastes all the food on offer and picks which city does it best. After they realize that D.C. wins, they'll give out prizes for truck design and truck crew, etc.

Washington, DC: New D.C. Food Truck to Hit the Streets

The truck is a project of Chris and Carmen Morse. The truck will serve beef, crab cake, and pulled pork sliders with sides of salad and sweet potato fries. For dessert, the owners plan to serve cupcakes is a variety of flavors like chocolate, vanilla, lemon, and red velvet.

Washington, DC: July 13 Curbside Cookoff to Benefit Miriam’s Kitchen

The 2013 Curbside Cookoff food truck festival series kicks off July 13 at Capitol Riverfront, with donations made at the festival entrance to benefit Miriam’s Kitchen, the Food Truck Association of Metropolitan Washington announced today.

Washington, DC: Orange to Propose Emergency Bill to Seek Compromise in Food Truck Regulations

D.C. Council member Vincent B. Orange (D-At Large) says he will introduce an emergency amendment next week in an attempt to bridge the divide between food trucks and bricks-and-mortar restaurants and pave the way for new vending regulations for the first time in more than 30 years.

Washington, DC: Council Proposes Final Food Truck Bill, Earns Unanimous Approval

The approved regulations free the District’s more than 100 food trucks from “ice cream truck rules” that had required parked vendors to have a line of customers waiting for service at all times. Legislators had already approved portions of the regulations that addressed food safety and labor standards two weeks ago.