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Chicago, IL: Alderman Wants to Revisit Food Truck Ordinance in Light of Ice Cream...

But it turns out ice cream trucks are also subject to the new law’s restrictions.

Changing Gears: Midwest Food Trucks Hit Legal Roadblocks

Food trucks are a hot trend in cities from LA to Denver. They’ve transformed the way people think about the restaurant business.

Chicago: Dear Mr. Mayor – A Few Suggestions from a Humble Food Lover

"I don't want to be the only city without food trucks. So I want the restaurants to work with these guys to come up with a compromise."

Chicago: Saigon Sisters Dish on Street Food

Chicago foodies have had a frustrating year trying to convince city government to ease regulations on food trucks.

Chicago: The Southern Mac & Cheese Truck Hits The Road

“Are you ready for some Mac?” That was question posed by The Southern’s owner Jim Lasky and Chef Cary Taylor on Facebook today as they launched their new mobile mac and cheese truck. Judging by the turnout, the answer was a resounding yes.