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Wilmington, NC: Poor Piggy’s BBQ And Catering Under New Ownership

Poor Piggy’s began catering parties and entering barbecue competitions back in 2010.

Wilmington, NC: Food trucks find stability thanks to Wilmington’s booming beer scene

As the food truck industry continues to grow, suds slingers are more than happy to reap the benefits. It isn't without struggles.

Wilmington, NC: Second Annual Food Truck Frolic To Support Skatepark Effort

The second annual Food Truck Frolic, hosted by the Parks Conservancy of New Hanover County, will take place at Ogden Park Sunday, March 22 from noon to 5 p.m. Proceeds will benefit the Skatepark Project.

Wilmington, NC: Food Trucks Head to City Council

With the rolling vendors an increasingly popular option for meals, and with owners like Smith asserting they’re as legitimate as brick-and-mortar eateries, parties have prepared what they say are reasonable guidelines for service in Wilmington with fair play among competition.

Wilmington, NC: Wilmington Poised to Loosen Food Truck Rules

Wilmington city planners may be done fine-tuning proposed regulations that would give food trucks more freedom to operate.

Wilmington, NC: Hot Dogs Could Go Cold if Owner Doesn’t Follow Code

One business owner in Wilmington has a beef with the city over a hot dog stand. The owner of Haley's Hot Dog Cart is boiling mad because he says the city forced him to close down.

Wilmington, NC: Food Trucks Take Over Commercial Space

Wilmington city rules require food truck operators to work from brick-and-mortar kitchens, a mandate challenging food truck operators.

Wilmington, NC: Bites & Sips – Food Truck Owners Set Up Commissary

Watching Wilmington's food truck scene evolve is a lesson in the modern marketplace.

Wilmington, NC: Patty Food Truck

The popular food truck The Patty Wagon will serve hamburgers in downtown Wilmington again this weekend, but its fate there as well as that of other food trucks parking in Wilmington is up in the air until city ordinances change

Wilmington, NC: Local Food Truck Scene Continues to Evolve

Watching Wilmington’s food truck scene evolve is a lesson in the modern business place.