The Top 10 Craziest Street Foods in the World

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For our money, we’d say street food is usually just as delicious as fancier restaurant fare (if not more so). And we’re not just talking about sandwiches and hot dogs. Take a look at the ten wackiest street food finds from around the globe — each one actually a very common find in one particular corner of the earth.

10. Fruit with Chili Powder — Mexico

You may think it’s odd to put something spicy on something sweet, but Mexicans do it all the time. It is very common to pick up fruit in a bowl or on a stick with some spicy chili powder sprinkled on top. Think of it as a twist on the sweet and salty combo — Mexico has sweet and spicy instead! (Photo: Spotreporting)

9. Chicken Feet — China

These grilled feet may look disturbingly similar to a human hand, but don’t worry, they actually come from a chicken. The meat is described as a bit chewier than a chicken leg might be. On the street, they are generally served grilled with some spices, on a stick or just in a basket. (Photo: Whologwhy)

8. Bugs on a Stick — Thailand

In Thailand,insects like crickets, grasshoppers and worms are fried up, shoved on a stick and served up to anyone with a rumbling tummy. The taste varies by the insect and the spices used to flavor them. In general, the insects are crunchy on the outside and a little soft on the inside. Mmm…soft and flavorful bug guts. (Photo: Star5112)

7.  Deep Fried Tarantulas — Cambodia

They say everyone eats a few spiders in their lifetime, but most people consume these eight-legged creatures during their sleep. In Cambodia, they fry them up and eat them as a tasty street treat. You can buy them individually or in a great heaping pile — spider snacks for everyone! (Photo: Sistak)

6. Chicken Intestines — Philippines

No part of the chicken is going to waste in the Philippines. How about some delectable chicken intestines on a stick? They are so cheap you can buy several sticks to tide you over. The intestines are cleaned, sometimes boiled, and then marinated in a mix of garlic, salt, pepper, and other spices depending on the vendor. After that, they spear them on sticks and grill them. (Photo: ~C4chaos)

5. Currywurst — Germany

Everyone knows that Germany loves their sausage, but this one kicks it up a notch. It is spiced pork sausages chopped up and slathered in spicy curry ketchup, served with bread, fries, or just a fork and a handful of napkins. It’s messy, spicy and delicious. (Photo: Markusram)

4.  Matjes – Scandanavia

Also known as maatjessharing or soused herring, Matjes consists of herrings that are soaked in brine and then eaten whole. They are often paired with bread, pickles, and diced onions, but the locals like to dangle the fish over their heads and tear off chunks with their teeth, so if you want to blend in, try that method instead. (Photo: Joana Hard)

3. Snails – Morocco

Sometimes an expensive delicacy in Western society is just commonplace street food in Morocco. Of course, you won’t find them swimming in a creamy butter sauce in Morocco. These street snails are simmered in a sweetened broth that includes things like mint, spicy peppers, bitter orange peel, licorice root, aniseed, thyme, and crushed gum arabic. Once they’ve stewed for long enough, vendors scoop them out with a ladle. (Photo: zz77)

2. Bunny Chow — South Africa

There are a lot of variations on this street dish, but the basic idea is an entire loaf of bread, hollowed out and filled with curry. Although the original bunny chow was vegetarian, it is now very common for the ingredients to include lamb, mutton, beans, or chicken. (Photo: Arnold Goodway)

 1. Spam Musubi — Hawaii

While Spam may be looked down upon as low-budget and low-quality food on the mainland, it’s a beloved cuisine in Hawaii. To create spam musubi, spam is sliced up, fried and served on a bed of steamed rice. You can usually find it wrapped in nori, ready to be eaten on the beach. (Photo: emkeller)

What do you think of these wacky street foods from around the world? Are you drooling for more or trying to hold down your lunch?