Though the Streets are Bad for Food Trucks, They Are Good for Food Trucks Offering Dog Food

Really, we just wanted an excuse to search for adorable dog photos.

By Rebecca Marx |

Really, we just wanted an excuse to search for adorable dog photos.

It’s been yet another… interesting week for food trucks.

In the wake of the police crackdown on trucks parked in Midtown West, many drivers migrated east. Unfortunately, things haven’t been much better there: as Midtown Lunch reported earlier this week, members of the East Midtown Partnership BID have greeted the trucks with maps showing them that they will no longer be allowed to park from 48th to 63rd Street between Madison Avenue and Second Avenue. Welcome to the neighborhood!

But Midtown is facing some stiff competition for the Miss Hospitality title: according to The West Side Rag, things aren’t much better on the Upper West Side. That’s where City Councilwoman Gale Brewer has been trying to convince Mayor Bloomberg that food trucks should install GPS systems so that their comings and goings can be better monitored by the Stasi.

Brewer is also pushing for a requirement that would force trucks to implement “whisper quiet technology” and green generators. It’s not the first time someone has dressed up their bully tactics in green clothing, and it likely won’t be the last. If Brewer were to succeed, her environmental initiative would effectively put out of business anybody who couldn’t afford to update their trucks, which is certainly one way to make the streets “whisper quiet.”

But perhaps we should take comfort in the fact that, even in the face of such ominous tidings, some people will not be deterred from hitting the road. “Some people,” of course, are large companies who can afford to pop a truck out every now and then to pimp their wares. And that’s just what Freshpet, a natural pet foods company, has been doing. As The New York Post has noticed, Freshpet has dispatched a truck to tour the city with samples of its wares. The truck has a walk-up doggie window, water bowls, a fiberglass fire hydrant, and, obviously, a Twitter feed.

And it’s not the only one: Best Friends Pet Care also embarked on an East Coast truck tour earlier this summer, and, according to their Twitter feed, will be back on the road this fall. Given the way things are going here, they may find more than a few two-legged takers for their biscuits-and-yogurt ice cream.