Top 10 Food Trucks Richmond Needs

Richmond, VA's 'BOKA Food Truck'

By Karri Peifer |

Richmond, VA’s ‘BOKA Food Truck’

Lately it seems like food trucks are taking the nation by storm. If the Food Network is any indication, food trucks are the next Great Thing in Dining.

In case you’re not familiar with the concept, I’ll break it down for you. These are mobile restaurants, most of which roam a given city each and every day, tweeting or Facebooking out their location, responding to local business demands, and bringing delicious food right to your doorstep. (Or, office complex is more accurate.)

And Richmond already has a few. We’ve got some fabulous lunch carts, of course, and Boka Truck and Nate’s serving up killer tacos in the food tuck business, but when you look at bigger cities, there’s so much more to offer.

Here are the Top 10 food trucks Richmond needs now.

Red Hook Lobster Truck

Washington, DCers lose their minds over this roving lobster truck (lobster rolls are the big seller). From what we hear, people line up around the block and sell-outs are a definite. It’s lobster from a truck, people! Needed.

Street Sweets

This one out of New York is just one of many. The concept is simple: a bakery on wheels (plus espresso).

Schnitzel & Things

Again out of New York, but think about it … Richmond hasn’t had a German restaurant in years. Why not? Well where do you put it? This takes the guessing out of the equation. You take it straight to the people.

Grilled Cheese Truck

Every other city has one, and Richmond should be no exception. Might I also go out on a limb and nominate Kendra and the fine folks at Garnett’s to lead the charge? I think I shall.

Only Burger

Any burger truck will do, but Southern Living calls this one out of Durham, NC one of the best. Boom Boom … are you looking to expand yet?

The Fry Captain

Take a breath before you read about this DC truck because I don’t want anyone falling out on me. French fries and milkshakes. That’s the truck. French fries and milkshakes, just waiting for you, right there on the corner. Yes, it could happen here. It could. Please. Someone.


Look, we’re close to DC. I know people. I hear stuff, so I’m extra familiar with their food truck scene. It’s all pies (quiche included) all the time.

Spencer on the Go!

If San Francisco can have French food out of a truck, why can’t we?

Curbside Cupcakes

The say crepes are the next cupcake, but maybe we can make the cupcake hold on a bit longer with a good truck.


Hello! Of course we need pizza. It might well be the most portable food ever. Pizza Tonight is close, but we need someone on the streets daily.