Tour De Box – Only Days Until the Election!

The Tour De Box, Sunday, 1pm, NoHo, Hollywood, Echo Park

By Alex Thompson |

The Tour De Box, Sunday, 1pm, NoHo, Hollywood, Echo Park

VOTE Stephen Box!

It’s four days to election day, and the Los Angeles bike movement’s first chance to elect one of their own, the illustrious Stephen Box, to LA City Council.  If there’s one thing you can do between now and election day, it’s come out to Stephen’s Sunday bike ride – the Tour De Box!  (on Facebook)

There’s a menu of options – you can go on a bike tour starting at any one of three locations, or you can join a food truck phone banking party at any three other locations, or you can go and a bike party and food truck phone bank party after.  It’s like a choose your own Stephen Box campaign adventure.

The bike tours are bike tours, that’s obvious.  At the food truck phone banking parties volunteers will make a quick 10 or 20 calls on behalf of Stephen at a location with a bunch of food trucks.  The Southern California Mobile Food Vendors Association (MFVA) is supporting Stephen Box for City Council because of his work to keep food trucks legal.

The bike plan just passed, in case you were under a rock.  Stephen was there at the beginning, three years ago, urging us on, back when people said we would never get a good plan.  He roped me into the process, and countless others.  Stephen encouraged us all to insist on a great plan.  When the first draft of the plan was released in September 2009, Stephen was vocal that it wasn’t good enough, and he was right.  In part because of him, the plan went back to City Planning for revisions.  When the plan came back again last Fall, again Stephen stood up to insist on better, again against the advice of insiders, and again we won.  In the end, LA’s bike plan was transformed into an exceptional document, and Stephen had a lot to do with it.

Cyclists throughout LA should do what they can to support him – we owe him, but more importantly, if this is what Stephen has done so far, imagine what he can do with the authority and resources of a City Council office.

Tour De Box:

Bike Tours @ 1:00 pm:

  • NoHo Bike Tour – meet at the Metro Station in NoHo
  • Mid-City Bike Tour – meet at the Campaign Headquarters (5619 Hollywood Blvd.)
  • East Side Bike Tour – meet at the Mulholland Fountain at Crystal Springs and Riverside

(Look for the Stephen Box sign, and wear your “Cyclists for Stephen Box” t-shirts!)

Food Truck Phone Bank Parties @ 1:00 pm:

  • NoHo – 5250 Lankershim Boulevard
  • Mid-City – LACMA, 5905 Wilshire Boulevard
  • East Side – Campaign HQ, 5619 Hollywood Boulevard