Track That Truck! Suzy Singh’s Haute Collaboration

Suzy Singh and Rich Levy (Minna An-Chicagoist)

By Minna A |

Suzy Singh and Rich Levy (Minna An-Chicagoist)

You may recognize Suzy Singh as one of the top 4 contestants of the television show Masterchef, but she’s making a new name for herself in the burgeoning Chicago food truck scene.

Collaborating with the Haute Sausage boys, Suzy Singh brings her over sized, homemade samosas to food truck diners. The large samosas, sized comparably to a medium plate, come in sweet and savory flavors with unique dipping sauces paired with each.

Singh’s changing menu of large samosas offer a uniquely modern twist to the traditional, with items like the BBQ Beef Samosa and the Haute Nutella Samosa, a perfect autumn dessert made with Nutella and paired with a Pumpkin Cinnamon Dipping Sauce.

For a more traditional fare, the Butter Chicken Samosa is full of flavor. Don’t be alarmed by the hot pink color, this tandoori samosa filled with buttery chicken is a deliciously flavorful and filling meal, made better by being paired with a refreshing dipping sauce made of yogurt and cucumber raita.

With growing popularity of the savory and sweet samosas and bold ginger chai tea, could this mean more truck competition from this famed chef? Not for now, says Singh, “Rich [Levy of Haute Sausage] is doing some great things in the food truck scene, and I’m glad to be part of this collaboration.”

Despite how reality television may have portrayed this competitive chef, Singh’s bright and chipper personality and large smile draws in large crowds of fans and foodies, all ready to try her toasted samosas of different unique flavors.

Track that truck at @SuzySamosas.