Tulsa, OK: The Cheese Guy, Reshaping the Food Truck Industry

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TULSA, OKLAHOMA, UNITED STATES —  Wil Braggs, who is otherwise known as The Cheese Guy, is an experienced food truck entrepreneur with over 10 years of kitchen and hospitality service experience. This experience includes cooking, serving, bartending and hosting various events. Currently Wil is focused on changing the perception of the food truck business. There is a reputation among the food truck industry that the trucks are dirty and wasteful. The Cheese Guy is dedicated to green initiatives.

There are many ways in which The Cheese Guy plans to make his truck run more efficiently. This focus on green and renewable energy has the dual benefit of offering a lower cost means of business operation and being beneficial for the environment. These efficiency improvements include the building of a completely new truck which is based on renewable energy. This truck is intended to be powered by solar generated energy. Sunlight is free obviously and solar power is an effective, simple and often overlooked energy choice. The Cheese Guy is committed to implementing solar inverter technology in order to charge batteries with sunlight. A new food truck would enable The Cheese Guy to utilize solar power for the brand new Mean green purple machine. Another form of alternative energy is biodiesel which is formed from vegetable oil. Biodiesel is quieter than traditional fuel and only has organic emissions. The Cheese Guy intends to use biodiesel from recycled plant oil to run their engine and also their generator. This would be the first true biodiesel powered food truck. It is this groundbreaking innovation that has the ability to change the thinking of food truck owners everywhere. This influence is possible in part because these changes are easy to do. Another innovation is the use of natural gas as an alternative fuel to propane. Once again natural gas tanks are cheaper in the long run anyway. The Cheese Guy is even dedicated using recycled organic products whenever possible even using straws made out of corn.

The Cheese Guy features an extensive menu of traditional grill and international favorites. Some of the menu items include fried mozzarella sticks, wontons, smoked chicken, egg rolls and bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos. The truck has now introduced slow cooked Caribbean cuisine in addition to their Tex-Mex style food. They have also worked to incorporate food which is gluten free as well as some vegetarian friendly options. The Cheese Guy is a self-made culinary scientist, do it yourself engineer and even a good entertainer as part of providing superior customer service. The truck is known throughout Tulsa as a purveyor of delicious food and the best fusion cuisine Tulsa has ever seen.

The Cheese Guy already caters to private events like weddings and other major events. The atmosphere they provide is very fun and friendly including upbeat music. This is made possible because of the fun hard working group of professionals that are part of The Cheese Guy team. This experienced group of cooks and customer service staff are driven to cultivate a vibrant, family and professional community. This experienced group brings an extensive amount of expertise in their specialized fields. This enables The Cheese Guy to provide mobile food services and volunteering for a wide area in both Tulsa and the surrounding communities.

There is a current Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign which will run until November 13th for The Cheese Guy. This campaign is taking place to assist the business with purchasing a brand new gourmet green energy food truck called the Mean Green Purple Machine. The Cheese Guy has affiliated with professional truck builder Prestige Food Trucks. Prestige, who are attempting to get a special on The Food Network, will have the opportunity to construct a custom built catering kitchen for The Cheese Guy.

• $1 – You will receive project updates
• $10 – Fee appetizer
• $25 – A feature monthly food item will be named after you
• $50 – A custom dinner for two
• $100 – The food truck will visit your residence or facility within the Tulsa area. Lunch will be made available to you and two people of your choice.
• $500 – The food truck will be rented for three hours at your Tulsa area residence or facility. Lunch will be made available for 10 people.
• $1000 – A dozen free meals and a personally designed Purple Power tee shirt.

The Cheese Guy (www.okcheeseguy.com) is a Tulsa, Oklahoma based food truck entrepreneur. The Cheese Guy features slow cooked Caribbean cuisine in addition to Tex-Mex style food. There is a Kickstarter campaign in place now in order to assist The Cheese Guy in purchasing a new food truck with many green energy solutions.

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