Tuscaloosa, Al: UA Student invite Food Trucks to Campus

By Pat Duggins  |  Alabama Public Radio


Students at the University of Alabama are working to bring food trucks on campus. The goal is to bring the community together over food. Alaina Upman reports…

The Student Government Association’s food and nutrition committee with the University of Alabama is starting up the initiative of getting food trucks on campus. The University says students tried and failed last year to do the same. This year the committee is hoping to work with Bama Dining to make it happen. The committee wants food trucks to be allowed on campus once a week. They are hoping to call the event “Food Truck Thursday”. The plan is to have at least four food trucks present on Thursdays during the lunch hours. The committee does not want it to compete with “Fried Fridays” within the Greek system at UA. Therefore, it will not be on Fridays. There is already an interest within the community of food trucks who would like to participate. Even a couple food trucks from Birmingham has expressed interest. Bama Dining representatives will be attending the committee’s next meeting. The representatives will inform the committee members more about the process in which the food trucks will have to go through in order to be allowed on campus. If it is too complicated to get the food trucks on campus, then the committee will seek out other options close to campus.