Tweets Gone Wild!

by Terra Khachooni |

We rave about social media and herald it as the force that leveled the playing field for businesses…. What was once the barrier to entry… high marketing costs and expensive means by which to “get the word out” that you have arrived can now be done through Facebook, Twitter, and Roost (all free platforms). Yes, it’s fantastic and can pump up your business indeed… bu-ut! (Always a but!) What happens when social media goes awry? One of your servers was having an off day and a couple of your patrons had some bad experiences… your chef’s palette was off due to allergies and over salted the food… And bam! You get “Had an awful experience” posted on your wall! Social media can be your friend and your enemy. So what happens when someone posts a bad review in Yelp (and now… with everything connected, shares it to Facebook and Tweets it out to their network!)? What do you do? How do you react?

Story of Social Media Gone Awry: Ritchie Nakano, a vivacious chef has brilliantly built a mobile food business serving noodle bowls out of a food truck. [Check out his dishes] One of the firsts to trail blaze this trend, Nakano’s bowls are actually quite tasty and very affordable. I’ve had Ritchie’s bowl and was able to meet him… and his darling little son who was running around the Ferry building at Thursday’s lunch scene in San Francisco. He seemed like anything but the main character in Tweets Gone Wild! But… when starting the type of business that is essentially an art, a craft, something you created… it can be tough to swallow a bit of criticism.

Many people don’t understand the blood, sweat, tears… and life savings (!) that go into starting a food business, but even so… take a moment before you tweet, or post, or comment or share. Not only are you sharing with Twitter followers, but in the days of amplified media, your messages will be seen by all! Grub Street has the skinny on Tweets Gone Wild! Check it out and remind yourself that the best way to deal with negative media… is more positive media. Focus on your presence and as Alex Chang, CEO of Roost always says, “If you’re not talking about yourself… someone else is”.