Update: New Food Trucks in Dallas/Fort Worth

Salsa Limon food truck - Photo by Josie Singleton

by George Lewis | D Magazine

Salsa Limon food truck - Photo by Josie Singleton

The recent DFW food truck explosion reminds me of the 1998 dot-com boom.  While there are only a few regularly active trucks right now, many more have been licensed and are in the process of getting their trucks, web sites, Facebook, and Twitter feeds aligned.  We first have to give credit to the early adopters in Dallas: Green House and City Street Grille. They forged the path, worked with City Hall and the Arts District and made it possible for the newcomers.  Fort Worth had it’s early adopters as well: TacoHeads, Salsa Limon, and Yum Yum.  In May we told you about Jack’s Chowhound, Gandolfo’s, and The Bomb Fried Pies.  In May/June, Ssahm Korean BBQ and Nammi Vietnamese started rolling.

The good news is that getting a truck on the streets is now easier and the Dallas City Council has made it easier for them to do business as well as park in the popular Arts District.  What what once took months, now  takes a few weeks.  Fort Worth is doing it’s part as well, with more trucks coming and a planned food truck court.

Each Monday I will post the weekly schedule for food trucks and the list will be updated throughout the week. We will also tweet changes and updates (@DSIDEDISH). Jump for more about the newer food trucks (and trailers) and news about the old ones.  There are a lot of trucks coming, so if I miss a couple of details, I hope the food truck entrepreneurs correct me in the comments or by email.

Green House hasn’t been on the streets so much during this blistering heat.  They are; however, expanding and getting ready to roll Green House #2.  Green House’s food is a bit more upscale than most of the truck food (it’s difficult to compare them at this early point though), as you would expect from it’s experienced chef, Ben Hutchison.  Whenever you do see that Green House is on the streets: Go.  And get the soup.  Whatever it is that day.

City Street Grille was quiet for a couple of months, then recently resurfaced to serve breakfast tacos (during the cooler morning hours) in the Arts District.

Hot Box had some of the best food, but we haven’t seen them publicly in months.

Gandolfo’s NY Deli, Ssahm Korean BBQ, Nammi Vienamese and Jack’s Chowhound have been extraordinarily active on the streets.  In general, you’ll find them in the Arts District, Design District, or partnered with a business that wants to draw attention.

The Bomb Fried Pies has mostly been at weekend specialty events, but has been getting out more.  I haven’t tried them yet, but look forward to it.

On the pizza side, we have il Cane Rossos and Cavilli Pizzas mobile ovens.

Alas, Good Luck Food Truck pulled the parking brake and called it quits.  GLFT had terrific street fare.  I’m sorry to see them go so soon.  This is not an easy business.  The Frysmith in LA wrote a series of articles about getting started.

Now, about those newer trucks:

The truck formerly known as The Cheesiest has re-branded and is now operating as Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe, promising the  “finest melt in your mouth grilled cheese sandwiches.” Ruthie’s is doing some private catering and expects to be on the streets at the end of this month.

Yum Yum has 2 trucks in Fort Worth, but is moving one to Dallas.  Yum Yum has tacos, burritos and burgers, and offers to “pimp your Yum Yum”.  Note to editor: you might need to un-ban the word “yum,”

[Ed note: No effin’ way]

Trailercakes has built a devoted following, including our own “Eat this Now” writer, Daniel Walker.  Daniel raved about their PB&J cupcake in June.  My daughter raved about their Happy Days (white/white with sprinkles) and I loved the Slap Your Mother Chocolate.

Enticed Shaved Ice has one of the best ways to cool down in this Dallas heat.  I wish they were out more often.  Enticed is out 2-3 days a week, often in the Arts District, as well as special events.

Crazy Sisters brings tacos, hamburgers, and other street fare, primarily to the mid-cities.  We haven’t seen them in Dallas, but hope to soon.

Mint Leaf Frozen Yogurt is relatively new and targeting the mid-Cities area.  I would so love to see them partner with Ssahm Korean or Nammi for a side-by-side lunch and dessert.

3 Men and a Taco expects to be out any day now and promises “not your typical taco”.  Owner/taco Olivia Risner tells SideDish: “wherever there is a hungry drunk… we’ll be there.”

I’m really looking forward to the launch of The Munch Box.  Chef Rob Vassilakos and business partner Eric Foster plan to fly to Miami to pick up their truck in September and hope to be on the streets in the fall.  Chef Rob was formerly a line chef next to Chris Ward at The Mercury and promises a chef-driven menu with only local, seasonal ingredients.

We don’t have much information yet, but also launching: Mainstream Fish Camp (an M Crowd product), Rock and Roll Tacos, and Smokin’ A Phattie, a BBQ truck who should win the award for most unique truck name.

Fort Worth has witnessed TacoHeads, Salso Limon, The Wiener Man, Chef Point on Wheels, and Yum YumYES taco is now on the streets. I don’t have many details, but I should also mention Red Jett Sweets, a cupcake truck, Good Karma Kitchen, So Cal Tacos, and Sassy Hot Dogs, a hot dog trailer.

We’ll let you know when we see the trucks hitting the pavement and try to let you know who hits and who misses the mark.

Have I missed any?  Any other trucks, trailers, or parks?